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Big Give Christmas Challenge

Thank you for all your generous donations! Your help will support African women in rural areas who frequently lack independent means of earning money, despite heavy domestic and farming workloads. Training them in beekeeping allows them to generate income and become self-reliant.

APIMONDIA International Apicultural Congress

This year the Congress presented a fantastic opportunity for networking and catching up with our colleagues, supporters and partners. Professor Tom Seeley, the eminent honey bee ecologist from Cornell University, and Patron of BfD Trust spoke in The Scientific Commission for Beekeeping and Rural Development.

Most Celebrated Bee Tree at Pedu Lake Debarked to Die

The famous bee tree at Pedu Lake, Malaysia is in danger.  BFD has got news that this famous and fabulous tree has been debarked.  Unfortunately this means that the tree will now almost certainly die. Read the full story


Role of beekeeping in climate change mitigation

Tanzania set to create bee reserves to protect beekeeping livelihoods and tackle climate change. Read about it here.


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