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Bees for Development Trust helps beekeepers trade their way out of poverty

Cameroon beekeepers will be selling high value bee products to Wales, helped by the Wales for Africa Grant Scheme of the Welsh Assembly Government.

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Sting becomes Patron of Bees for Development Trust

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Sustainable beekeeping - give bees a chance

Has 30 million years worth of evolution been undone in a few decades? Sustainable beekeepers believe that kinder, more natural methods of beekeeping can give bees a chance to develop their own defences to pests and diseases. Bees for Development's sustainable beekeeping course at Ragmans Lane Farm shows participants how easy it is to look after bees in a more sustainable way. To read the press release click here.


Raise funds for Bees for Development Trust on eBay

You can now sell items on eBay and raise money for BfDT at the same time. When listing your items, choose to donate between 10-100% of the final selling price to Bees for Development Trust - visit our eBay for Charity page by clicking here


New book now available online

New book by Dr Nicola Bradbear titled 'Bees and their role in forest livelihoods: a guide to the services provided by bees and the sustainable harvesting, processing and marketing of their products' can now be downloaded from the FAO website. Click here to be taken to the link in our Information Portal.  Or you can order a copy at our store.


Cycling support

On 26 July 2009 , Els Vermeulen cycled 1,400 km from London to Edinburgh and back to raise funds for Bees for Development Trust. Find out more


"Special Issue" Apidologie

Release of a "special issue" of Apidologie on Bee conservation. This special edition contains views from the worlds leading experts on bee conservation,  with them expressing the status of bee consevation as it stands now, and also highlighting the areas which need to be addressed. Find out more.


New African Information Portal


Great bee ladies