Bees for Development



Bees for Development are leaders in the field of apiculture and development. We are willing and able to form partnerships with government institutions in order to deliver benefits for beekeepers. We are also able to offer advice and consultancy services.


Our experienced consultancy team can provide high quality independent and professional services to government departments and agencies.


We work in partnership with other organisations and can offer consultancy services within the following areas of expertise. These areas are constantly evolving so please contact us to find out about current and recent projects.

Programme and project design and management - development, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and complex projects with beekeeping or trade in bee products as a central theme

Institutional and organisational development - to help networks, beekeeping associations, producer organisations and rural enterprises to work effectively to achieve their objectives

Training and capacity building - conducting training, designing training manuals and training trainers, with a view to ensuring the spread and application of appropriate beekeeping knowledge

Market analysis and participatory approaches - market mapping studies and sector analyses to identify how rural beekeepers can gain access to the opportunities created by a significant market demand in bee products

Technology assessment and feasibility studies - evaluating the appropriateness of beekeeping in a range of environments and contexts and provide technical advice on all aspects of this specialised subject: we focus on simple and sustainable methods using indigenous skills and materials.

Residue monitoring plans - we can facilitate the process for honey exporting countries to achieve third country status, thus gaining access to EU markets for honey.


To find out more about our full breadth of services and to discuss how we can help you, please contact us.