Bees for Development

Beekeeping Safaris

Our award-winning Beekeepers' Safaris are holidays we introduced in 1996, as part of our programme to promote awareness of beekeeping as a worthwhile and sustainable activity for development.

Our Safaris are joint activities between BfD and our local, partner organisations.

Beekeepers and non-beekeepers alike join and enjoy our Safaris, offering a memorable journey for all concerned.


Forthcoming Safaris

Turkey 24 July - 5 August 2010


Rodriques and Mauritius 28 November - 9 December 2010 (further details available shortly)

Trinidad and Tobago February 2011

Find out what people say when they come home

Trinidad and Tobago 2008

Trinidad and Tobago 2009

"I loved the scenery, the birds, trees, the people, the music and the food.  I calypso around the house with the shuffle Gladstone taught me."           

David Charles, 2009 participant




"This was for me the best trip I'd ever been on. When are we going again?" 

Phil  Cunningham, 2008 participant