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Here at Bees for Development we work at the heart of a worldwide network of beekeepers, project workers and researchers concerned with all aspects of bees and beekeeping. We communicate with thousands of people every year. We have close working relationships with many partners, and we have met even more people personally. Of course, there are still more of you that we will never meet, but we would like to know more about you. There are many people, small groups and NGOs working hard to help improve skills and capabilites. We would like to hear about your work, your research, your beekeeping or your training courses - especially if you have used the resources provided by Bees for Development. This will help us to better understand what is useful, and to improve the resources we offer, and we may be able to share your stories as encouragement to others.


Do tell us your story:  we will be delighted to hear from you. Please complete and submit this form.


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